Child Support Services

Working in cooperation with the Department of Human Services and the Office of Child Support, this office assists people in establishing child support and/or paternity. In order to receive our services, you must complete the IV-D Child Support Services Application (also known as a DHS-1201). Once that application is complete, you mail it to the Office of Child Support.

The Office of Child Support will verify the information and forward a case to this office and then you will be contacted. The DHS-1201 can be found below or also on-line by going to Department of Human Services, Child Care and then click on Popular Forms (on the right). It is also possible to complete an electronic version by creating a login at the MIChild Support Web and then completing the e1201.

Questions regarding child support or paternity can be directed to Cathy in this office, (989) 269-9255.

IV-D Child Support Services Application/Referral Form